SPRL Laurent is a family business that was founded in 1946. In its early days, the main activities were national and international transport.

In order to meet the demand for building materials in the post-war years, the company quickly turned to the recovery of red schist slag heaps. Its policy based on respect for the environment and the laws in effect has enabled it to successfully develop and redevelop 7 slag heaps in the Mons region.

Over the years, we have expanded our offer in sands and gravels.

In 2001, on the strength of its experience in the field of granulates, a new orientation in the ornamental stone sector was initiated and is now being pursued under the name of Moaistone.

Today, we are delighted to offer our "Stone Collection" with five complete product lines, such as PearlStone or LifeStone, among others.
These are ideal solutions for the development of outdoor and indoor spaces, such as floors, walkways, ponds, gardens, and terraces.